This site is essentially a giant dose of Autumn. If you’re here it’s because at some point—whether that was initially following a link or simply stumbling upon my site—you’ve asked yourself who is Autumn Brown. First off let me just make it clear, I am Autumn Paige Brown. I am not “Taylor’s sister” or “some guy’s girl” or “that girl’s friend”, I am Autumn Brown. APB, if you will. That statement might not mean much to you yet, but if you decide to take a view into my life and experiences I share on my site, it will. Typically, on an “About Me” page people express who they are. They give you their interests, their goals for the site, their aspirations and life views. I am not going to do that. I could sit here and tell you my interests and that I am an aspiring writer, and so much more; but, you can also read my content and decide that for yourselves. I’ll leave you in the mystery of discovering who Autumn Brown truly is and I’ll let you learn as you travel through this journey with me. I will tell you, however, that I am Autumn Brown. That is my identity. Within that name I am so many things, and each part of this site will help you dive into every part that is Autumn.

On this site you will find various categories: our journey, tea time, travel, food, and activism. 

Our Journey: This section is about forgiveness, growth, and spiritual reawakening. We’ve all been through some pain, some experience that has left us feeling less than ourselves. Here we are redefining what love means. Understanding our pasts and its impacts. Accepting who we are and dreaming of what we’ll become. Here it’s about making you think and feel. See things from a new perspective. Question some aspect of your life. Understand human interaction and thought. Feel my emotions; my pain, my happiness, my anxiety, and my love.

Tea-time: This section is essentially story time. It’s about my experiences in dating, working, and going to college. It’s about the endless laughs I’ve shared and the secrets I’ve kept. 

Travel: Where do you want to go? What do you desire to see? For me, I want to see the world. I want to experience new cultures, understand different ways of life, and teach others what I’ve learned. In order to do that I must travel. This section will probably be the one I post in less frequently, but when I do it will be about my travels and experiences around the world. I’ll give tips and tricks to where to stay, how to travel, and what to look for. I’ll even help you see the world through my eyes.

Food: Is it time to eat now? Let me make you something. Fun fact: when I have the time and the energy, I love to cook. Food is the pathway to anyone’s soul. Personally, I prefer baking over cooking but either way this section will be full of delicious meals; ones I’ve made and ones I’ve tried. I might even through in a few secret recipes.

Activism: Open your eyes. As the Harlem author William Melvin Kelley first said, “if you’re woke you dig it”. He coined this famous term “stay woke”, a term that has since passed from one black person to another. Georgia Muldrow further took the conversation of this term years later when speaking to Erykah Badu. She said, “to be WOKE is to be black”. In this section, we’re questioning the foundation of society and our systems. Diving into white supremacy, capitalism, and racial injustice in America. Essentially, we’re moving on a path to stay woke. 

So, you see, each section is something different and enticing to view. I’ll be honest, I simply like to write. It’s an avenue for me to express myself. As a partial introvert, I like to stick to myself and sometimes I find myself with so many things to say and not enough ears to listen. On here, the world is my ears.

Before you continue on this site, however, I need to establish one thing. We are a family here. If you read and decide to stay, try to interact. Give your opinions and ask me questions. We are all learning and teaching one another here. 

On a final note: This page (like my mind and my life) will ultimately be a rollercoaster, but you have to be willing to join in on the ride. 

“You can’t handle it, go on the carousel”

 -Gina Gershon


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